F. M. Howell & Company is guided by principles of sustainability in all aspects of our operations:

Create structural packaging designs that reduce material usage, yet provide our customers with functional and effective packaging. Use environmentally-friendly raw materials and supplies in our converting operations. Recycle what can be recycled, and search for more opportunities to reuse and recycle. Seek to identify opportunities to introduce and use supplies that are the most environmentally-friendly. Meet all applicable environmental regulations and standards set by federal and state regulation.

F. M. Howell & Company has always been a conscientious member of its community, has acted as a good corporate citizen, and has supported good environmental practices. This commitment is a long-standing tradition. Our businesses have survived for 132 years due to diligent efforts to continuously improve, insistence on creating production efficiencies, reducing material consumption, reusing and recycling. It makes good economic sense. Efficient organizations such as F. M. Howell & Company are inherently sustainable. We do more with less, and we believe in continuous improvement.