Customer Satisfaction

"I wanted to let you know how extremely helpful your customer service representative has been to us over the past several months when trying to stay on track with some of our projects with very tight timelines. She goes above and beyond in helping make sure these important timelines are met while preserving the high quality of our work and improving our relationship. I have personally been exceptionally happy for the opportunity to work with individuals as professional and reliable as Howell's sales person and customer service rep.

I wanted you to be aware of how instrumental they both were in helping me meet my timelines, as well as to express my appreciation."

"I'm pleased to tell you that F. M. Howell has remained a Six Sigma Supplier to our pharmaceutical facility for at least
the last two (perhaps even three) years. While we don't formally measure this, I can tell you with NO nonconforming materials received by us in many, many thousands (millions?) of cartons received, your organization has certainly achieved and maintained a Six Sigma quality level with our company. Six Sigma is defined as 3.4 defects per one million opportunities. This quality of product attests to the focus and professionalism of your operations staff as well as company management. Thank you.

The result is that our work with Howell is a pleasure; it's easy, seamless and efficient, both in cost and time. We appreciate having F. M. Howell & Company as a supplier—we wish we had more like you. Three years ago you were one Six Sigma supplier in a field of six for our manufacturing site. Today you are one in a field of two for our building. We appreciate F. M. Howell & Company maintaining this standard of excellence." 

"I would like to thank all of the people at Howell that were involved with this project for their exceptional efforts in meeting an extremely tight timeline." 

"...with Howell's normal speed, efficiency and grace, you jumped in and made this work. We always seem to be asking you to do things at the last minute, but as usual, you more than meet our expectations." 

"It is obvious the team effort and sense of urgency put forth by the employees at Howell. You take great pride in meeting your customer's needs. It is no wonder you retain current clients and attract new ones."

"I would like to thank you all for successfully executing the "Sam's Club" program. We greatly appreciate all of the efforts you put into this program. Everyone quickly adapted and conformed to the procedures we requested. To all, a tremendous job and very well done." 

"Over the past number of years Howell Packaging has gone from being one of three of our sites folding carton suppliers to the supplier of choice due to their quality, service and commitment to value."

"Having a supplier like Howell who does exactly what they say they will do, makes our jobs much easier. Your communication and flexibility are two good reasons for us to continue doing business." 

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